mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

“The line threads without direction, a game of dream, game of love. I am in the sign, I am in the dots, I mark the ‘feeling’ in the whole. We are a life, we are a Way, everywhere always. The right path! No past, no one can say, the point before is already after.

You who is listening to me, you have arrived, you seem present, you always were. Without dimension, I am unit, the whole universe is as much as I am. Without light I am the light, I illuminate myself with no moment. There is no smaller dimension, this is why I am the whole universe; there is no maximum dimension, because no identity is permitted. Dream… Now and again I look out into this Universe… I can’t help carrying a dream, translated and transferred to another plane, using words: a stream of points.”

“Consciousness surfaces without memories. Been here a while, where am I? Now I write, countless Universes away from that space. I must lose myself in another space, cannot say ‘time’. I go there… or I am also there. It is not a memory, it is! Difficult to translate from a distant Nothingness.”

“The Nothingness, the breach and Creation.
Generates Love the Great Illusion,
Expands the Point becomes the Universe.
The eye of Everything becomes fragments:
Scorching rocks, cold and with Sentients.

Now is Always, you watch the stars in the wind.
Cry of the sky-space you breathe from your belly.
Peaceful you wait for the sky to go out.
You await the end of the Universal Moment.
Languid sorrow, something is missing
The Conscious Rock has spread out in the sky.
Deceived by the power of appearing to be,
Understand the Perfect in Non-Being.

Nothing more is awaited in the One Love.

Finished, disappeared, Consciousness floats
in the Real Space that contains you,
it pushes you in that Darkness which doesn’t stop you
to seek that which is a pleasant feeling.
A point, a light for a new moving away,
a self-losing, a self-Finding and certainly self-Loving.”