Quantum slit

mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

The adamantine view corresponds to the entire viewable spectrum, which isn’t the total reflection of light but its absorption into the eye instead. Such vision doesn’t belong to the evident nature of things but to the non-evident one instead.

Into the light we “commit” ourselves in various ways, but in the deep Dark of the Void and of the Absolute what action is the most convenient? No action. There are no actions to perform.

What reaches the Vacuous of Vacuity, comes into existence. All one brings along, as a luminous heritage, as a comprehension, and also as an intuition, always leads to consider that the path of evolution carries the concept of freedom within.

When one reaches the seedless contemplation, their only heritage is the pure contemplation. Finally you disconnected yourself from the springboard of the light and dove into the springboard of the endless Dark. At the end of the board, one last touch and then… the Void. A Darkness of no return… the Dhyana of no return… the Nothingness of no return…