Assembling the clouds of Dharma

mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

To assemble the clouds of Dharma (Buddhism) means to put together the complexity of the Laws of the universe.

This artwork is made of 24 panels that rotate thanks to a mechanism concealed on the back side.

A person staring at the artwork is thus staring at a fluctuating and unstable reality, impossible to freeze into a specific image.

In fact, Dharma’s nature is something beyond our control, just like particles. It is useless to try and catch it and those who try are destined to be disappointed.

The hypothetical interaction of quantum foam is just a stage.

The universal laws are described through mathematics, but our math is just an interpretation of something that we believe to be “in a certain way”.

We interpret reality with the limited terms available to us.

There is a kind of mathematics that is not produced by human beings, it is the perfection of the universe in which we are immersed.

It is the deepest reality, Dharma, the Nature of Things, our true nature.

The Buddha and Dharma are the same thing, so goes a saying of the past.

It’s like saying that the hologram interpenetrates itself.