The collective works

An artist alone, before a blank canvas, is a mind before a space to be filled: one mind, one space. What happens instead when there are 20, 30, 40, 50 minds (artists) before one blank space? Can they be synergic with each other and understand they are all in the one painting?

Technical realization

These artworks are large three-by-two meter panels made by different artists.
First the subject and the layout is decided (each artwork sports a different subject and the canvas is divided accordingly).
Subsequently the project is used to cut the canvas in different pieces. Each artist receives one piece of canvas to paint, taking inspiration from the given subject. Artists can’t talk to the others and have to paint their canvases alone.
Sometimes, along with the canvas, artists receive a short poem to take inspiration from to paint their canvas. Eventually the collective artwork is put together by glueing together the different cuts now painted by the artists.