mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

With Illusion we wanted to show what the reality we observe is like: if we move aside by a few millimeters only the painting becomes another, some aspects are hidden and others are revealed.

The painting is a frozen reality, crystallized, and yet it is impossible to really see it because, as one moves, everything changes.

Nothing is crystallized, we are a continuous continuity from before the Big Bang to the theoretical now…

We cannot organize art that crystallizes thought because that would not be art, it would only be freezing some aspects of the nature of things to destroy them at the same time.

We destroy the nature of things every time we tell an experiences, a memory, a point of view…

Our point of view is worth nothing to the infinite points of view.

Crystallizing information makes you lose the beauty of the nature of things, the Truth, but beings need to crystallize in order to lose consciousness of the Real.

We can only seize one frame after another.

One at a time.