Square worlds

mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

Free and Limited in the madness of being.
Reach and lose yourself, from two into One form.
Still path in Absolute Intuition.
Gathered in a black star, going back into the Point.
Watching the Light that merges Separations.
Smile feeling the Nothingness that already Is.
Loving the past that has become the conscious present. Beyond
the eternal and non eternal, one Value.
No longer two different Worlds, neither One nor Other. Such was
a scent of a flower, life never lost.
Contact with the Absolute, that Contains and Attracts. Already
one part was the other, Love loves Love. Communicate to be the
Silence of Nothingness.
The Chant of Silence recounts Its Note.
They are One Frequency, from two that were noise. The sound
slowly fades out and the Nothingness remains.
A breach and once again duality.