About us

Arte Quantica (Quantum Art) is a non-profit cultural association operating in the field of figurative, graphic and plastic arts. The association operates in two ways: on one hand it creates new talents in the art school VersOltre, and on the other hand it works as a workshop of experimentation and cultural divulgation.

As an art laboratory, the Association aims at interacting with other disciplines to make art and technical-scientific experiments, and at promoting and supporting the realization of formative and didactic tools such as publications and multimedia content in general. Moreover the association promotes cultural activities such as conventions, conferences, debates, seminars, film and documentary screenings. Arte Quantica also uses its website to publish its research and studies, as well as exhibitions and art books reviews. It organizes promotional events in Italy and abroad.

The revenues resulting from the sales of the artworks will be donated to the project Bits of Future: Food for All.