Quantum foam

Overcoming the dichotomy between observer and observed

mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

Art has so far tried to freeze an instant, an instant that comes from an unknown dimension deep within.

Art should step outside the box and the usual standards to move into realities that cause one to lose the consistency of things. Although it comprises thirty still elements (cubes), thanks to video technology, Quantum Foam will never be the same painting, it is impossible.

The four cameras located inside four cubes film the reality passing by before them and project it back onto the artwork, so that it is seen from the outside.

Anyone before the artwork becomes part of it. Under the camera’s objective eye one can see themselves within the artwork … see themselves from the artwork’s point of view.

But as one gets closer they disappear, only to reappear in the illusory image reflected by two mirrors.

Quantum Foam does not just reflect photons with its cubes and mirrors, but it also gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with “fresh” photons, newly produced by the laser.

These photons flood the observer who is thus facilitated in establishing an entanglement with them, and therefore with the artwork itself.