The Threshold, the Boundary

mixed media on canvas, 3×2 m

The universe has its threshold, its edge; even particles have their Events Horizon, just like Blacks Holes and the Big Bang: all things have a border.

Consciousness has a known edge: microtubules, or maybe even smaller particles within the microtubules themselves, which exist in the quantum dimension.

The apparently chaotic quantum world is, in reality, a boundary to the Absolute Zero, the maximum energy spot.

This painting is the story of what collapses into a being’s Threshold, the Soul: the central circle (approximately 4.5 cm in diameter) covered with gold leaf.

The outer circle represents what is behind the Event Horizon, an expression of Beyond the Edge.

The smaller inner circumference is the edge.

The slices correspond to the inner part of the Threshold.

The artists who painted them had to represent it completely spontaneously, without representing, without the will to represent, without recounting, without the will to recount, without anything… they were to lose themselves totally and do what spontaneously came to them, without any thought.

It’s wonderful: if you think you lose yourself, if you do not think you conquer