Square Worlds’ Space

mixed media on canvas, 4,80×1,60 m

The mysterious light between the wings of love and being.
Which Reality supports the Being and the Beyond?
A perhaps One Truth in a persevering illusion.
Why does the being mock the non-being immortality?
Theories of mental lonelinesses, to Believe is not enough.
Every limit is as inconsistent as these words.
Stellar clouds in the eyes in search of the Origin.
Veiled Beginning of every Singularity, then Life.
Never proved theory of the Universal Consciousness.
Love as Energy for Travels Beyond any Humanity.
One is the Way to clarify every How and the One Why.
The Great Silence of the non-Created is ripped,
Here is one of the infinite tunnels leading to the Light.
Here are endless Worlds to live and consume, Way of the “We”.
Light Energies inside the vast obscurities of Consciousnesses.
The moment is already full without any frames, it is every Space.
Every point has Universe-frames, lived and to be lived.
Always everything is surpassed, This never-ending Journey of Love.
A never-written poem in every heart is the “Silence”.
Its immense strength only tells of Love.
The living energies can then read in the Beyond
                  Which… awaits…

Sing of the monolith, which comes out of It
whilst the collapse into the Unique is ongoing
Point born from Duality.

The artwork is composed of 12 squares, each square is formed by four wooden crates: four tridimensional spaces which develop into “theaters” around a small central square.
It takes time to appreciate all the marvelous diversities attached to that small square, sum of the four artists who made the confining pieces: the true “we” in the middle. Multiverses in a real space and with illusory time that doesn’t exist anymore. Pure energy of the Nothingness from which to draw as to be matter, from which to expand to be consciousness, with two directions to take: outwards, for the illusory theater of life in the universe; inwards, for the “apparent” path to researching what one already is, that dimensionless point in the center. It is science-fiction, it is metaphysics, it is surrealism…

The aim of the 48 artists who participated in realizing this artwork is to recount the “taste” of art, it’s the information of the being who donates. The inner nature can never be told by a movement of the arm, of the brush, of the color. The color, the hand, the arm and the being should be, from the Soul onwards, one thing.